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Relining boreholes and wells

Surface water intrusion through old or damaged boreholes and wells can lead to the serious contamination of aquifers. Deterioration in groundwater quality or sand ingress through a failed screen may highlight the problem. The condition of the borehole/well can be assessed by CCTV survey, geophysics or sonar profiling. 

We will then discuss the various remedial options available to our client, at no cost or obligation, and propose a solution and costing to combat the problem. Options can include large diameter sectional linings, built in-situ for difficult access scenarios, large diameter mild steel casings, and stainless steel liners for particularly aggressive groundwater ranging in diameter from 75mm to over 3m. The new liners are then installed to form a new borehole/well. Upgraded or new headworks can also be installed to provide a fully sealed and sanitary protected groundwater source.

We can even remove old mild steel, stainless steel, phosphor bronze, uPVC or wooden screens from deep within the aquifer, and replace them with new modern screen tubes and filter media.

Where groundwater contamination has already been identified, in conjunction with the installation of a new liner, perforation by directional charges, thermal lances or high pressure jetting has proved to be a successful technique to enable pressure grouting behind the original linings, (G Stow plc is licensed to use and obtain directional charges, which are sometimes required to cut or perforate old lining tubes to enable their removal).

The bottom line is, with our expertise and knowledge, we can transform your old borehole or well at the end of its life, into a modern groundwater source which will last for many more years.

Before borehole relining After relining
A waterwell borehole before and after relining

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Manouvering the new casing into position during the borehole relining

Positioning the new lining



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