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Health & Safety Policy Statement

I consider the health, safety and welfare of our employees and others who may be affected by our activities to be of primary importance.

I recognise that safety and health are as important to long-term strength and stability as other key aspects such as cost management, quality and productivity. All of these elements are closely interrelated and mutually dependent. Consequently, employees’ contributions to the continual improvement of the Company’s health and safety performance are recognised as being of equal importance to all other aspects of our business performance.

All work related incidents and ill health can be prevented. I aim to eliminate all unnecessary and unacceptable risks from the work environment and reduce all remaining risks to an acceptable level. The correct way to do any job is the safe way, and I undertake to ensure that staff are provided with the resources they need to carry out every job safely. This will include any information, instruction, training or supervision necessary. Anyone making work-related decisions must consider the health and safety implications.

Whilst meeting UK and European legislative requirements, I will endeavour to surpass the minimal standards of compliance and strive towards achieving standards of health and safety best practice.

In order to achieve the above two key objectives I have developed and implemented a proactive Health and Safety Management System, based on the principles of continual development and improvement. I undertake to fully support the implementation and integration of the Health and Safety Management System throughout all aspects of our business and will set health and safety goals and objectives as appropriate.

In return, I expect employees at all levels to exceed their minimum legal duties, which are given later in our organisational responsibilities. This includes co-operating on safety matters and taking care of their own safety and that of others (whether G STOW PLC employees or not) who may be affected by their actions.

The policy and the way it has operated will be reviewed at least annually and more often if the business changes in nature or size. Any revision necessary to improve safety performance will be made and then reported to employees. In addition, I will ensure that the Safety Management System is audited annually and the findings used to further improve our health and safety performance.

There is no aspect of our business so important or urgent that time cannot be taken to do it safely.

A G C Stow
Managing Director

Revised: November 2007

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