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Geothermal Borehole Systems

Geothermal systems consist of open and closed loop borehole configurations depending on particular requirements and geology.

Open Loop Geothermal Borehole Systems

Open Loop systems use groundwater from aquifers beneath the site.

Two water boreholes are installed – one to pipe water to the building where it transfers its heat to a heat exchanger. The water is then returned to the same aquifer via the second or ‘recharge’ borehole.

Depending on the size of the building multiple boreholes may be required.

Please just give us a call if you would like to chat to us about the logistics of a system in more detail.

Closed Loop Geothermal Borehole Systems

These are continuous loops of pipe buried in the ground, (or in a pond or lake), containing an environmentally safe solution of water and antifreeze which circulates through the system.

Horizontal Closed Loop Geothermal Borehole Systems

This type of installation is generally specified where sufficient land is available, where the pipes are laid in a number of trenches.

Vertical Closed Loop Geothermal Borehole Systems

Often specified for large commercial buildings and schools, where the land area required for horizontal loops would be prohibitive. The pipes are installed in deep boreholes and are also used where the soil is too shallow for trenching, as they minimise disturbance to existing landscape.

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Geothermal boreholes are widely used as an energy efficient system in London



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