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What is Geothermal Energy?

Geothermal energy is heat – a natural, renewable resource which is obtained from the earth. This energy can be used to provide extremely efficient, high quality heating and cooling in both commercial and domestic buildings.
It is an important alternative to burning scarce, costly and non-renewable fossil fuels and has enormous potential as a major world-wide energy source.

Geothermal energy is found at relatively shallow depths below the ground, where the earth’s temperature remains fairly constant, and is processed utilising a geothermal borehole system.

The heart of the system is a geothermal ground source heat pump, which extracts heat from under the earth. This is then evenly distributed throughout the building, providing comfortable heating even in the coldest winter. To cool the building in summer, just the flick of a switch reverses the process, and excess heat is drawn away and transferred back into the ground, completing the cycle of renewable energy.

Geothermal systems are fully capable of supplying 100% of your heating and cooling requirements, in most situations and in any area. A geothermal system can also provide inexpensive hot water.

With very low operating costs and efficient use of energy, geothermal systems achieve a constant high rating by users, who find them superior to conventional heating and cooling systems.

Recent environmental legislation now encourages the use of new “green” technologies and innovative sources of energy into new projects, with geothermal energy at the forefront, and growing rapidly as the preferred alternative choice for heating and cooling systems in buildings.

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Utilising the energy under the earths crust



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