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Geophysical logging & CCTV

We offer a complete geophysical logging and video surveying service for boreholes. Using mobile survey units, we gather data such as subsurface information and borehole performance. With video (CCTV) we can carry out a visual inspection of boreholes from 150mm diameter and up to 305m deep, providing physical evidence of borehole construction, condition and geological profile.

The mobile units carry comprehensive borehole logging equipment including:

• Calliper
• Natural Gamma
• 16” & 64” Normal Resistivity
• Point Resistance
• Self Potential
• Temperature/Differential Temperature
• Conductivity/Differential Conductivity
• Flow
• Fluid Sampling

Following a survey, we can assist with all aspects of any remedial/improvement work which may be required:

• Rehabilitation, relining of existing boreholes
• Filtration, purification and monitoring systems
• Aquifer pump testing and yield analysis
• Analysis of water quality/quality improvement
• Removal of redundant equipment

We hold substantial archives of geophysical logs, borehole records and CCTV surveys, which can assist with geological and regional interpretations of new logging data.


Image from CCTV during a survey

Click here for an example geophysical log

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