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Design, Drilling and Constructing Water Supply Boreholes

There are many different types of water bearing strata, requiring variations in construction methods and materials – from complicated sand aquifers where specially graded gravel packs and borehole screens retain formation sand but permit groundwater to enter the borehole – to more basic open hole completions. With our extensive global experience G Stow plc can offer solutions and designs for every type of aquifer.

By undertaking desk top studies and researching our substantial archives, we can provide borehole designs for small domestic supplies through to large industrial water users. We use only the very best materials sourced throughout Europe, and take a personal pride in every project we undertake.

Constant investment in new equipment keeps us at the forefront of the industry, with health and safety and environmental concerns always at the top of our agenda. Recent investment in drilling mud-cleaning equipment has resulted in less waste material going to landfill.  Minimal use of drilling additives to reduce environmental and formation damage is also a large consideration.

We enjoy a close working relationship with the nearby British Geological Survey organisation also based in Wallingford, with whom we share archive material. The BGS also analyses our samples of deep below-ground formation cores, obtained for our clients’ projects.

Simply put, you tell us where the borehole is to be located, what purpose the water is to be used for, how much water you want to abstract, and we will design a borehole to meet these requirements (assuming suitable hydrogeological conditions).

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