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Company History

Started as a partnership in 1912, George Stow & Co Ltd was formed in 1920, becoming G STOW PLC in 1992. Still operated by the Stow family today, company headquarters is in Wallingford, Oxfordshire, acknowledged as a centre for water engineering, and also the base for the renowned Environment Agency, Hydraulics Research Facility and several other industry specialists.

We have occupied our present 7.5 acre site since 1996, which is home to our offices, engineering works, service facilities and storage depot.

The company specialises in all aspects of water well contracting such as borehole drilling, shaft sinking, adit driving, test pumping and pipelines, as well as manufacturing drilling equipment. In 1946 geophysical surveying and borehole logging were added to company activities.

'The traditional values that we had when the business started all those years ago are still with us now. We are still a family run business, and personal pride in everything we do has established our reputation for always delivering quality and service in every area.'
Antony Stow

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