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Additional Strengths

• We own and operate a large transport fleet, ensuring rapid delivery of equipment and materials.

• Over 50 test pumps (1-220 HP). Test pumping yields up to 300 l/s (17.2 MLD)

• Our Pump Service Team specialises in pump selection and ancillary pipework for your borehole, all installed to the highest standards. The complete M & E package.

• Suppliers of permanent pumps, specialist rising main (including stainless steel pipe with unique ZSM coupling), switchgear and protective housing.

• Relining old brick or unlined wells with latest Industry standard material - up to 3m diameter.

• Workshop facilities - mechanical servicing, welding and fabrication.

• CCTV and Geophysical Logging. Water level data logging and test pumping reports.

• Horizontal Well Construction (radial well collectors).

• Borehole Rehabilitation. Injection of approved acid chemicals to improve hydraulic efficiency in carbonate aquifers. Mechanical techniques in screened boreholes - airlifting, wire brushing and high pressure jetting.
Well abandonment to EA standards.

For all your groundwater requirements – from water supply boreholes in competent Chalk or Sandstone Aquifers to stainless steel screened holes with sophisticated filter packs – G STOW PLC has the expertise, experience, equipment and service levels to ensure you get exactly what you need.

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